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*sniff, sniff...pout*

Man, as much as I'm ready for this year to be over, I'm saddened by the fact that Tre-cember has almost run it's course :(
It also bothers me that we haven't seen any pics or printed details about how The Cool has spent any of his personal time this month, sans the faboo leather pants report.
I know that sounds really pathetic and selfish and I certainly hope our man is having a good time, but...(you know what I mean).  I feel like I'm clapping and stomping
for an encore that very well might not happen. It's like Groundhog Day without Punxsutawney Phil. *snerk-punx* xD

 *shameless pimping about e-mail moi received from the boys*
If you missed my previous post regarding this, here's a sneak peek at vid #2 (Be A Part Of The Solution) for the Green Day + NRDC campaign 
(just click on the vid in the left corner or the link in the box)

Now, here's some more thoughts and advice from the king of punk rock's court jester:

"The only things I don't sign are boobs and penises"

"I'm like a sack of potatoes-to be abused at will"

"Shit happens man. You get gasoline, you fuck around with it a little bit, it gets all over your face-before you know it, your head is on fire"

"Cutting your own hair is really cool. I've had some disasters, but it's always grown back. The extra inch is cool.
You know, when you cut the hair at the top of your dick really short so when you're standing naked your dick looks longer?
That's a top tip for the gents."

And one of my favorites:
"I wish people would turn off their computers, go outside, talk to people, lick people, enjoy each others company and smell each other on the rump."

I don't think there's anything I like better than seeing The Cool in action.
Here's a collection of animations. Sadly, I cannot take credit for any of these.
If all of them run at once, must be like having the real deal around. XD
Oh! I squeezed in a one from Tré's POV
hump meCollapse )

Randy Randomness: Kiss My Grits!

I'm pleased to report that I just completed a full week at my new job!
Geez, it only took me, like, 7 weeks to find one. I basically had to recover from a nervous breakdown first.
It does make me giggle to say where I work. Here it comes...

Deja Vu? Cher Picspam

Inspired by thelackey   thinking that Adie reminds her of Cher in this pic      


I'm sorry for taking up your space...still trying to figure out the whole lj-cut thing
At least I know how to load pics, now to figure out the rest so that I'm not a hog. Again, my bad. I'm such an idiot.